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Esme, time to sleep

time to sleep

Awesome personalized illustrated book for Esme with cute and adorable illustrations. Best to read before bedtime

More than 30 pages: 28 pages of cute animals + 2 information pages + cover pages. No volience. No scary illustrations. No monsters.


Unique gift (personalized for Esme) and great book to read before bedtime:

  • for babies (cute illustrations, repetitive, monotonous content – ideal before sleep)
  • for little children aged 1-4 named Esme, before bedtime (as above: cute illustrations, repetitive, monotonous content, ideal before sleep)
  • for kids aged 4-7, named Esme, who are learning to read (big letters, kids name on each spread).


What is the book / story about?

Esme should go to sleep. A cute pillows show her, that the animals are already asleep.

Esme see pretty illustrations of:

  • puppy (dog)
  • kittens
  • rabbits
  • pandas
  • bear
  • pig
  • hedgehogs
  • elephants
  • deer
  • raccoons
  • koala bear
  • giraffe
  • owl


For whom the book is?

  • for a baby named Esme (other names available in the series)
  • For young kid named Esme who like adorable pictures of animals (e.g., aged 1-6)
  • for kid named Esme, aged 4-7, who are learning to read (large letters on each spread)


Technical details:

  • More than 30 pages (28 pages with adorable illustrations + cover pages + 2 information pages)
  • High quality: printed by Amazon
  • premium color interior with white papier
  • paper format: 6 x 9 in (15.24 x 22.86cm)
  • crisp, vibrant colors for illustrations, graphics
  • paper cover: glossy
  • Paper weight: 60 pound, 90 grams per square meter


Book construction:

Minimizing events and action is essential for the young reader to fall asleep after reading and watching the book.

On almost all spreads (2 pages) we can see:
    1. the following dialogue:
      • Pillow: – ‘Esme‘, look. ‘animal’ has already fallen asleep.
      • Esme: – ‘reaction’.
    2. cute illustrations of an animal (or animals) when it is sleeping
    3. cute illustrations of pillows
    4. cute illustrations of kid

In the series ‘YourNameBook, time to sleep!‘ you find personalized books with many other names (for boys and girls). Check it. If you cannot find interested name, you can find neutral option like GIRL and BOY.

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